Tuesday, 21 December 2010

There will be an empty seat - a poem

There will be an empty seat,
a smile missing, a voice, a touch,
There will be an empty seat,
an absent breath and nothing much
to those that may look on in happiness and joy,
but to us, my love, to us,
there will be an empty seat.

A glass of wine will go untouched
by the usual pair of lips,
no chatter and no laughter
in between the gentle sips;
A cracker will go unpulled,
a paper crown shall have no king,
And we'll be missing a single voice
in the carols that we sing.

Little things that didn't matter
will not happen anymore,
A kiss and a hello
as you neared our front door;
the jokes you used to tell,
and the stories of the past,
nothing now you're gone,
nothing really lasts.

Yes we'll laugh and smile
and we'll talk the whole night through
until Boxing Day approaches
and there's other jobs to do;
We'll be merry and happy
and in a spirit of good cheer,
celebrating the season
and toasting the new year;
We'll keep our old traditions,
we'll open presents and give some too,
we'll eat, drink and be thankful,
but all the while we will cry for you,

all the while, as we laugh,
there will be a tear in our eye,
a sadness in our hearts,
and a longing to know why,
and when we're all alone,
with the sky a deeper colour,
maybe we'll remember
our final moments with each other.

There will be an empty seat,
a place we've left for you,
in the hope you might come back
and do you all you used to do;
There will be an empty seat,
and we'll look upon it and cry
for everything we've lost
and everything that has to die;
There will be an empty seat,
a Christmas candle will go unlit,
there will be an empty seat
where you, you used to sit.

Dedicated to my grandfather Harry who passed away this year and to everyone who is without a loved one this Christmas. 

After being kind enough to read the poem, Stephen Fry sent me a message, saying, "It's very very fine. Congratulations. Your grandfather would have been so extraordinarily proud of you xxx".


The Bug said...

This is lovely Sam - I was just awake in the wee hours missing my mom. She's been gone for almost 6 years, but Christmas was HER holiday so it's difficult every year.

Aoife.Troxel said...

Truly lovely Sam. Last Christmas we were unable to see my granny and this year she passed away before we could share it with her, but she brought the whole extended family together for the day of her funeral.
I remember she always made Christmas cake and sent it to America just for us and even though I never had the chance to become very close to her, she is a role model for me because of her amazing strength, resilience, talent, and humour.
Your poem brought back many happy memories and, admittedly, some sad ones, but it is a wonderful poem. The emotion is powerful and raw but the words are polished. Beautifully written.

Lena said...

Ditto on what Stephen said! xxx

Terra said...

It is a wonderful poem, so eloquently put and sentimental for this time of year!

Diane J. said...

Hi Sam, nifty new blog you have.
Love the poem, it is absolutely beautiful! My grandfather passed away in March and it is very fitting.